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Updated: Jun 12, 2020

I thought I’d start to share some of the very rare instruments I have been privileged to have worked on over the years and the story behind them,

So for all you guitar nerds out there get ready for guitar no# 1


This guitar came to me via a punk legend..... his name ? I cant remember.... I think the story goes that he bought it out of the back of a van in south London some time in the late 70s and gigged it extensively during his career, Bare in mind that old fenders were not as rare as rocking horse shit back then and it came in to the hands of someone who was not interested in messing about with it, the guitar has stayed in amazing original condition ! Nothing has been replaced nothing has been tampered with.. just a well gigged guitar like it should be...... a collectors dream this really is one of those holy grail fenders that should probably belong in a museum. I could go in to ridiculous detail about this guitar but if your dribbling then just type in fender black guard in to Google.


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