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Gibson ES335 Custom L (1964)

Guitar no#2

I have seen and worked on a lot of 335s over the years.. some rare and some not so rare but this 335 probably tops it in terms of exceedingly sort after. Eric Clapton was probably the guy who made this particular 335 so popular in the 60s using it extensively when playing lead guitar in the band Cream, its iconic cherry red finish and mother of toilet seat block inlays made it very distinctive from your average dot inlay 335.

It came to me for a re-fret and a general going over and again this guitar had remained in exceptional original condition although had been pretty vigorously played over the years as the frets were about as flat as a pancake. I know what your probably thinking........ but if you replace the original frets then your devaluing the guitar....bla.....bla...bla......... guitars are mechanical devices that are designed to be played and being a mechanical device things wear out and need to be replaced, frets much like the nut saddles machine heads and strings are All consumable parts that will eventually wear out and if you want to enjoy playing your guitar valuable or not you will need to get it worked on every so often.

what a beauty.


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